Filmschnitt Sabine Brose Berlin

I thought both the workshop and the person who led it were true gifts. It was very valuable to my work and to my everyday life. 

I found the games a lot of fun. Because was Sabine was very positive and encouraging, we all were very confident. The great thing about the workshop is that the mistakes were often the funniest part and Sabine were judged us as being wrong. I thought the course was great as a general experience, and also for storytelling, for intuitive, creative work. We all laughed a lot those three days. I was sad when the workshop ended. 

I thought the workshop was an excellent escape from the drudgery of everyday life. We all had a lot of fun, but we also learned a great deal about our own behavior. And we never felt badly or thought we were untalented. 

It was great to be able to clear my head and do something different – really refreshing!


For me personally, the resting phases and small loop exercises were the most helpful. The fact that I'm running on all cylinders, since my life currently involves scurrying from project to project without thinking of myself, was something of a wake-up call. It was a great workshop that showed and taught me far more than I ever imagined. I am sure that it will give us an advantage over anyone who hasn't done it.

Thank you for the workshop. The three days with Sabine were really fun – and will have a lasting impact ... 

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