Filmschnitt Sabine Brose Berlin

Creativity is essential to creating something new. It lets you find solutions.
One of the greatest creativity killers is the approach of having to do things
"the right way". Fear of mistakes blocks everything playful and primal and
is one of the existential anxieties of our time. No matter what your profession:
the pressure to perform is enormous.

If you do what you are afraid of, anxiety disappears. 

A play is the ideal opportunity to rehearse reality. With exercises and games from clown courses and improvisational theater, I offer you a colorful bouquet of possibilities for dealing with stress and anxiety. There's a hot-seat, failure
is sexy and is rewarded – what a dream location! Fun and laughter are guaranteed. Almost like real life...


»Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Let me do it and I understand.«

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