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And my own dreams? 
They saved my life once. 
In 1997 a diagnosed tumor presented me 
with an existential question:
if I don't have much time left –
what more do I want from life? 

I remembered my childhood dreams and rediscovered my courage, curiosity, creativity and intuition. Characteristics that I now count among my great strengths, in addition to my love of people.
I succeeded in resurrecting, activating, and exercising these resources. I learned to ride a motorcycle, traveled on my own to the other end of the world, took lessons in tap-dancing and classical singing, visited spiritual workshops, signed up for a clown college and began making regular appearances. With the support of my family, friends, and teachers I learned to take responsibility for my life and to make decisions in confidence instead of in fear. This path led to my recovery.

I still have many dreams today. I make one of them come true by taking my experiences from past years and my collective knowledge and passing them on to other people.


»Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.«
Helen Keller

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